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Top 20 Fantasy Football Team Names 2.0

A few months ago, I made a list of 50 awesome fantasy football team names. Here is an updated list for anyone who needs a great team name before the season starts.


  1. Jackin Goff
  2. The Antonio Brown Note
  3. Hooked on A. Thielen
  4. Suck my Lutz
  5. Cry Me a Rivers
  6. Clam Crowder
  7. Diggs Em
  8. The Tom Brady Bunch
  9. Colin Crapernick
  10. Sweeney Todd Gurley
  11. Capital Waynes Tax
  12. Beauty and the Beasley
  13. Clowney Fudge Sunday
  14. Revenge of the Smith
  15. Brate & Barrel
  16. Jameis Dave’s
  17. Fortewenty Blaze It
  18. Bad and Bouye
  19. Dalvin and the Chipmunks
  20. The Real Slim Brady

Why You Should Feel Comfortable Isaiah Crowell

A lot of experts have ranked Isaiah Crowell very high, but I have noticed that despite his high ranking in major sites like ESPN and Yahoo (he is ranked 21 and 26, respectively), he is often falling through the third round in standard leagues. This is probably due to the fact that he is not widely considered a big talent and his on the Cleveland Browns, who were absolutely atrocious last year (though not in fantasy). The purpose of this article is to explain why he is worth a pick in the late second or early third round.

First of all, Isaiah Crowell is nearly guaranteed to see a solid workload this year. The Browns will want to rely on their running game with DeShone Kizer at QB, and Crowell doesn’t have much competition in the backfield. The only noticeable RB is Duke Johnson Jr., and while Johnson could take touches on passing downs, Crowell is nearly a lock to receive early down and goal line duties.

Second, despite being on the Browns, Crowell is actually in a good offensive situation. As mentioned above, he should receive a solid workload this season. In addition to that, he is now running behind one of the best offensive lines in the league. With stars like Kevin Zeitler, Joe Thomas, and Joel Bitonio, Crowell should have plenty of room between the tackles to produce.

Finally, while he might not necessarily be a big-name in the fantasy world, Crowell produced as RB14 last year, despite being on the Browns (which is one of his biggest fantasy concerns).

With everything looking up for Crowell, all evidence points that he should be able to outproduce his RB14 season last year and have a productive fantasy season for those who will draft him. He boasts a very high floor and a stable workload, making him a safe and logical pick in the 20-30 range.

Evaluating Draft Positions in a 10-12 Team Standard League

In Fantasy Football, your position is one of the most important factors in how successful your draft is. In this article, I will be analyzing different draft positions and how they affect draft strategy.


Top-3 Pick:

Recommendation: RB – RB/WR – RB/WR

If you end up with top 3 pick in the draft, you have a huge advantage against other teams. This is  because with your selection, you should choose either David Johnson, Le’Veon Bell, or Ezekiel Elliot. The three are in a tier of their own and are running backs, which is a position that lacks depth.

With your second pick, you should take the best wide receiver or running back on the board, as you do not need to draft a quarterback or tight end this early.

With your third pick, draft the best wide receiver or running back on the board. Just make sure not to draft three running backs, you want at least some balance between your WRs and RBs.

As your draft enters the later rounds, balance your RBs and WRs because given your picks are very far apart, you will not be able to assume certain players will still be on the board when it is your turn to pick.



Mid-Range Pick (4-8)

Recommendation: WR-WR-RB

Getting a mid-range pick might not seem all that great, but it gives you a lot of flexibility. In the first round, assuming David Johnson, Le’Veon Bell, and Ezekiell Elliott have been taken, you should take a wide receiver. You will find consistent top-15 fantasy production from Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., A.J. Green, Julio Jones, or Mike Evans.

In the second round, unless if Jordan Howard or Melvin Gordon falls, you should take a wide receiver again. With a guy like Jordy Nelson, Dez Bryant, or T.Y. Hilton, you can secure another player who should give you consistent high-level fantasy production. You should draft a running back in the third round because if you wait until the fourth to pick a running back, you are unlikely to have two starting running backs on your team at the start of the year.

Especially in the later rounds, draft for value picks. Your picks are never too far apart, so if you have a sleeper that you don’t want to overdraft, you can usually wait a round instead of picking them too far above their ADP.


Late Round Pick (9-12)

Recommendation: RB – WR – WR

While getting a late round pick does give you a disadvantage, if you make smart decisions, you can have a great draft. With your first two picks, take a solid RB1 and a solid WR1. This will give your team more stability because you have two elite players.

With your third pick, take a second wide receiver. You can get a rock solid receiver here who will consistently earn you fantasy points. You could also take a quarterback here, but the only QB that makes sense this early is Aaron Rodgers.


These are good draft strategies, but they do not apply to all drafts. Despite what position a player is, if you feel like they are the best choice on the board, do not hesitate to pick them. These strategies are simply to guide you into picking a stable team.

The Top 50 Fantasy Football Team Names

With fantasy football sites like Yahoo  opening for the 2017 season, a list of potential team names appears to be in order. Below, we have 50 original fantasy football team names:

  1. Cry Me a Rivers
  2. Marcus MariGOATa
  3. The Antonio Brown Note
  4. Jackin Goff
  5. Bend it Like Beckham Jr.
  6. Colin Crapernick
  7. Hustle Like Russel
  8. Dak History Month
  9. Cheeseburger Eddie
  10. Sweeney Todd Gurley
  11. Riddickulous
  12. Capital Waynes Tax
  13. Dak Attack
  14. Zeke-a-zoid!
  15. Dezed and Confused
  16. Tucker up
  17. Frequent Flyer Myles
  18. Beauty and the Beasley
  19. A.J. 47
  20. Ballin Kaepernick
  21. Clowney Fudge Sunday
  22. Leonard Scorenette
  23. Like Mike Evans
  24. Mitch Perfect
  25. Revenge of the Smith
  26. Lacy’s
  27. Brate & Barrel
  28.  The Dougie Monster
  29. Easy Brees-y
  30. Kendrick Lamar Miller
  31. Kodak Dak
  32. The Skittles Slayers
  33. Marcus Mariyoda
  34. Watt the Heck
  35. Granny Alex Smith
  36. Jameis Dave’s
  37. RG3PO
  38. Fortewenty Blaze It
  39. The Eifert Tower
  40. It Ertz Wentz I go to the Bathroom
  41. Powell to the People
  42. The Great Blakes
  43. Bad and Bouye
  44. Pitch Burfict
  45. Dalvin and the Chipmunks
  46. Flute and the Blowfish
  47. The Real Slim Brady
  48. Kizer Chiefs
  49. Blair Walsh Project
  50. Keenan Peele

Paul Perkins: One of The Most Undervalued RBs in Fantasy Football

Ranking 28 on the FantasyPros Expert Consensus Rankings, (FantasyPros), Paul Perkins is not expected to explode this year. However, the conditions are right for Perkins to have a breakout year.

This offseason, the New York Giants released Rashad Jennings. They have no other talent at running back, so unless if they choose to pick a running back early in the NFL Draft, Perkins will start the season as the clear first string running back. Perkins is likely to receive a high workload, but he will also be running behind good blockers. The Giants had the 20th ranked offensive line this season (Pro Football Focus), but don’t let that fool you. They got their low ranking due to their abysmal tackles. They still have two elite run blockers in Weston Richburg and Justin Pugh.

Perkins is in a good team situation, but he also has the talent to break out this season. In his rookie season last year, he managed 456 yards on 112 carries (4.1 yards per carry). Perkins’ strengths as a runner come from his elite vision and  agile cuts. His play style is comparable to a poor man’s Jamaal Charles.

Paul Perkins isn’t necessarily an RB1, but his young age, ideal backfield situation, and potential talent make him a good late-round pick in standard leagues or a sneaky stash in dynasty leagues. Perkins has a good chance of attaining RB2 status next season.

Doug Martin Attends Offseason Team Workouts


On Monday, Doug Martin began team workouts. In December, Martin violated the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He then admitted himself to a rehab facility, from which he was released in February. While he is attending team workouts, Martin still faces a three game suspension. Martin’s suspension gives the Buccaneers the option to terminate his contract, which lasts through 2020. Releasing Martin now would free over 5.7 million dollars in cap room. The Buccaneers’ GM, Jason Licht said: “He looks, right now, as good as I’ve seen him since I’ve been here from a physical standpoint. Seemed to be in very good spirits. Excited to have him. Excited to see how he does out here in OTAs” (Fox Sports). While Martin’s spot on the Buccaneers is far from guaranteed, Licht’s optimism and Martin’s attending workouts are an indicator that Martin might return to the team in 2017.


If Martin returns to the Buccaneers in 2017, Martin’s role in the backfield will depend on how Charles Sims, his backup, performs in his absence. It will also be affected by whether or not the Buccaneers select a running back in the NFL Draft. In fact, if the Bucs take a running back in the first or second round, Doug Martin can be safely dropped in most formats. Despite the uncertainty regarding his status next season, Martin has the upside to eventually become an RB2 and should be rostered in most leagues, at least until the NFL Draft. If he is available in any keeper leagues, he is not worth using a high waiver spot, but is worth a free agent pickup.

NFL Mock Draft 2.0


  1. Cleveland Browns: DE, Myles Garrett – Texas A&M:

The Browns should and likely will take Myles Garrett with the first overall pick.  Garrett is clearly the best player in the draft and should have an immediate impact on the Browns’ defense.

2. Carolina Panthers (via trade with SF): HB, Leonard Fournette – LSU:

Leonard Fournette would give the Panthers one of the best rushing attacks in the NFL. Fournette, who many have called the next Adrian Peterson, boasts a rare combination of size, strength, and speed that will compliment the Jaguars’ deficient offense. With Cam Newton and Leonard Fournette playing side by side, the Panthers’ offense could be one of the best in the league.

3. Chicago Bears: S, Jamal Adams – LSU:

Jamal Adams is a great selection for the bears here. He can have a quick and helpful impact on the Bears’ struggling defense. He also has the versatility to defend against both the run and the pass. Adams’ should improve the Bears’ defense immensely, as he is a top-five prospect in the draft.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars: DE, Jonathan Allen – Alabama:

Jonathan Allen is one of the top defensive lineman in the draft. After making some great acquisitions one defense in A.J. Bouye, Barry Church, and Calais Campbell, the Jaguars should take Allen to complete their defense.

5. Tennessee Titans: CB, Marshon Lattimore – Ohio State

With Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker, Marshon Lattimore is an easy pick for the Titans. Most experts consider Lattimore to be the best CB in the draft (possibly even the best pass defender in the draft). His strong ball skills and freak athleticism should give the Titans’ secondary a strong boost.

6. New York Jets: S, Malik Hooker – Ohio State

The Jets have very little talent on their roster, and Malik Hooker would be a great addition to their secondary. Calvin Pryor, one of the better players on the Jets, is already at SS, so adding Hooker to the lineup would give the Jets a strong combination at safety. Being a free safety, Hooker will be influential whenever he is on the field.

7. San Diego Chargers: DE, Solomon Thomas – Stanford

If Solomon Thomas falls to the Chargers, they should add him to their defensive front. Picking Thomas would give the Chargers one of the most elite pass rushes in the league by pairing him with Joey Bosa.

8. San Francisco 49ers(via trade with CAR): DE, Derek Barnett – Alabama:

Derek Barnett is one of the top pass rushers in the draft. Barnett would be a good choice for the 49ers’ struggling defense, as he could contribute to the team as an explosive pass rusher who can change the momentum in a game.

9. Cincinnati Bengals: DE, Taco Charlton – Michigan

Adding Taco Charlton to the Bengals’ front seven would make their defense a force to be reckoned with. His ability as a pass rusher can immediately help the Bengals’ defense, which was one of the top units in the league just a few years ago.

10. Buffalo Bills: WR, Mike Williams – Clemson

With Sammy Watkins injured most of the time, the Bills need a weapon to complete their offense. That receiver is Mike Williams. The 6’4” wide receiver out of Clemson should round out the Bills’ offense by giving Tyrod Taylor a strong, physical wide receiver.

11. New Orleans Saints: CB, Gareon Conley – Ohio State

The Saints’ secondary is in need of immediate help. Their best cornerback is Delvin Breaux and the rest of their secondary isn’t much better. This is why the Saints need Gareon Conley. Conley is one of the top prospects at cornerback in the draft and would compliment the Saints’ defense.

12. Cleveland Browns: QB, Mitchell Trubisky – North Carolina

After finishing last season with a record of 1-15, the Browns need a franchise player who can turn their team around. That player is Mitchell Trubisky. He is a good scrambler, clocking in at a 4.67 second 40-yard dash. Despite only one year of college experience, he has already shown good intangibles and throwing mechanics. While he does hold some risk, Trubisky has enough upside to be picked by the Browns at 12.

13. Arizona Cardinals: QB, Patrick Mahomes – Texas Tech

This is likely to be Carson Palmer’s last season, so the Cardinals need to find a man to replace him. Mahomes is a great choice here to do so. Mahomes has the highest physical skills in the draft and a year working behind Carson Palmer will help develop his intangibles.

14. Philadelphia Eagles: CB, Marlon Humphrey – Alabama

Humphrey is one of the top cornerbacks in the draft class. Philadelphia needs a strong corner to bolster their secondary, which is the weakest part of their defense. Humphrey elite coverage skills makes him a good fit for the eagles

15. Indianapolis Colts: RB, Christian McCaffrey – Stanford

McCaffrey is perfect for the Colts. His versatility on the offense will make him a good fit for Andrew Luck’s offense. He is the most athletic running back in the draft and will find immediate success in his new role. He will also take pressure off of Andrew Luck, as due to the Colts’ abysmal running back corps Luck receives extra attention from defenses.

16. Baltimore Ravens: WR, Corey Davis – Western Michigan

After Steve Smith retired last season, the Ravens’ receiving core is crippled. The Ravens should select Corey Davis to give their deficient receiving corps a boost.

17. Washington Redskins: LB, Haason Reddick – Temple

The Redskins have a very weak defensive front, but Haason Reddick could change that. His effectiveness against the run and the pass will make him a very useful asset.

18. Tennessee Titans: WR, John Ross – Washington

After running a 4.22 40-yard dash, John Ross’ draft stock has skyrocketed since the end of last season. The Titans should take the top 3 WR prospect here, as they need to fill their ranks with better receivers than Rishard Matthews and Tajae Sharpe..

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: RB, Dalvin Cook – Florida State

Doug Martin is suspended for the first three games of the season for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. The Buccaneers have the chance to opt out of his contract, which lasts through 2020, and free 5.7 million dollars in cap space. The replacement for Martin they might need can be found in Dalvin Cook. Dalvin Cook is one of the most talented running backs in the draft and should improve the Bucs’ offense.

20. Denver Broncos: OT, Ryan Ramczyk – Wisonsin

Ramczyk’s impressive 2016 performance and strong combine makes him one of the best offensive tackles. The Broncos need an offensive tackle to protect their young quarterbacks and Ramcyzk is the answer.

21. Detroit Lions: DE, Takkarist McKinley – UCLA

The Detroit Lions have one of the better offenses in the league due to Matthew Stafford’s proficiency. They also have a decent secondary highlighted by Darius Slay and Glover Quinn. McKinley is the addition they need to bolster their defensive line.

22. Miami Dolphins: LB, Reuben Foster – Alabama

Reuben Foster is the most talented linebacker in the draft. However, after he failed his drug test at the combine, his draft stock plummeted. Still, the Dolphins could use a player like Foster at middle linebacker and a player with his talent cannot be passed up.

23. New York Giants: OT, Cam Robinson – Alabama

Cam Robinson is one of the top offensive lineman in the draft. His draft stock has dropped slightly due to injury concerns, but he is still a great addition to the Giants’ line.

24. Oakland Raiders: TE, O.J. Howard – Alabama

The big-play receiver out of Alabama is considered the best tight end in the 2017 draft by most scouts. The Raiders are struggling at tight end and Howard is the perfect weapon to take Derek Carr’s passing attack to the next level. His talent makes him worthy of a top-15 pick, but not many teams are in need of a tight end right now.

25. Houston Texans: QB, Deshaun Watson – Clemson

The Texans have one of the better rosters in the league. Despite losing A.J. Bouye in the offseason, their defense is still full of talent. They also have weapons on offense. However, they need a quarterback who can step up and make smart decisions. That man is Deshaun Watson, as he has the talent and leadership skills to win games with the Texans.

26. Seattle Seahawks: OG, Forrest Lamp – Western Kentucky

The Seahawks’ line is one of the league, and Lamp could change that. He is considered the best offensive guards in the draft and can help protect the injury-prone Russel Wilson.

27. Kansas City Chiefs: DT, Malik McDowell – Michigan State

The Chiefs’ defensive front took a hit this offseason when they lost Dontari Poe, and McDowell is the right man to replace him. McDowell is a large run stopper who can contribute to the Chiefs’ elite defense.

28. Dallas Cowboys: CB, Tre’Davious White – LSU

After losing Morris Claiborne, the Cowboys need another cornerback next season. White, a first team all American, should be a worthy addition to Dallas’ secondary.

29. Green Bay Packers: CB, Kevin King – Washington

After an incredible combine, Kevin King’s stock has risen to the late-first round. His combination of size and athletic ability make him a versatile cornerback who can cover a wide range of players. The Packers could use help at cornerback to improve their secondary.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers: TE, David Njoku – Miami

Big Ben has told the media that he wants a new tight end. Njoku is an athletic freak and should have an immediate impact on the Steelers’ offense.

31. Atlanta Falcons: LB, Tim Williams – Alabama

In Tim Williams the Falcons would be acquiring a great edge rusher. If they were to pair him with Vic Beasley, they would have a premier pass rush for years.

32. New Orleans Saints: DT, Caleb Brantley – Florida

After picking a cornerback earlier in the draft, the Saints will want to add to their defensive front. The self proclaimed “best defensive tackle in the country” will be effective in stopping the run in New Orleans.